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  • Looking for CNC Swiss screw machining services?

    Mandrel offers CNC turning and milling for precision machined parts with very tight tolerances down to +/-0 .005 mm and diameters from 0.4 mm  50 mm.We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered CNC turning component shop focused on providing quality prototype through production quantities.With our CNC turning centers,We machine complex parts quickly and competitively. We offer precision CNC turning for a wide range of applications.

    Why buy CNC Turned parts from Mandrel?

    One-stop Shopping – prototyping through high-volume production

    Design engineers value our commitment to rapid prototyping with a dedicated CNC. We know that when you’re testing your ideas, you need fast turn-around on quotes and parts. We’re here to make your job easier by providing feedback that only comes from experience.  And when you’re ready for production, your supplier development and purchasing team will be glad you’re working with one company that can handle the volume with the same quality as the prototype.

    Our Screw machine equipment includes

    • 45 CNC Swiss Turning machines

    • 2 CNC Turning Centers

    • 14 Auto lathes

    • 50 Brown & Sharpes

    • Quality & Inspection Equipment

    Prototype Capacity – dedicated CNC Turning Center solely for prototypes

    Prototyping and short-runs are an important part of our business. We have dedicated a CNC turning center solely for prototypes.

    Quick Responses – DFM reviews and quotes when you need them

    Our team of experienced professionals can provide “Design for engineering” (DFM) support and let you know production feasibility. We know that when you’re testing your ideas, you need fast turn-around on quotes and we’re ready to help. Quality CNC turned parts are best built with great relationships!

    Lead-Times – provide your clients a competitive advantage

    All our capabilities and experience add up to shorter lead-times. When you’re ready for a prototype, we know delivery is critical. We have resources set aside to ensure quick delivery on prototype orders.

    Inventory Control – customized Supplier Managed Inventory options

    At Mandrel, our inventory programs are as unique as our customers. We understand the challenges of forecasting and offering stocking programs at no additional cost. With our on-hand stock, we’re there when there’s a spike in demand. We know that bringing on a new supplier can be time consuming.  Our dedicated Quality Assurance staff and experienced operations team will help make that process run smoothly. 

    Outer Diameter (OD)


    Overall Lengths

    Max   1000.0 mm



    Feature Capabilities



    Drilling,   cross drilling

    External Splining

    Grinding,   centerless




    Thread   milling

    Threading   external/internal/whirling







    Prototype to Production   (1 and up)

    Quality Standards

    ISO   9001:2008 Certified

    Quality Documentation

    Inspection Report

    First   Article Inspection


    CNC Turning Equipment

    CNC   Turning Centers

    Auto lather

    6-Axis   CNC

    Fully integrated bar   feeders

    Quality Equipment

    Automated   Micro

    Optical   Comparators

    SPC Data Collection


    Height Gauge

    Thread   Gauge

    Materials (Metals)

    Alloy Steels (4130, 4140)

    Aluminum   (2011,2024,2027, 6061-T6, 6063 etc)


    Bronze   Alloys(C54000)

    Carbon Steel (12L14,   1215, 1144)

    Carbide   (1010,1020,1045 etc)

    Titanium  TC4(Ti-6Al-4V

    Stainless   Steel (303, 304, 316, 316L, 316LF, 303SE, 416,420, 440C, 17-4)



    Much more!

    Finish treatment


    Black Oxide (other   colors) matte / light


    Heat Treating




    File Formats


    AutoCAD   (with Diemaker)


    Additional services: Deburring, burnishing and tumbling, centerless  grinding plus a number of outside services such as heat-treating, plating and anodizing and passivating are available to provide complete parts.

    At Mandrel, we know the quality of our reputation is based on the quality of our parts and ability to meet delivery dates. That’s why our objective is to provide defect-free parts on time, 100% of the time.  Contact us and let us know how we can help you with top-notch CNC turning services.

    Photo Gallery
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